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Our Services

We cover three core areas:

  • Protection: Trade Marks and Design
  • Enforcement: IP Litigation
  • Exploitation: IP Agreements

Trade Marks & Designs

At Ionic Legal, we specialise in managing trade mark and design portfolios for a diverse clientele, providing proactive advice on risk mitigation and enforcement strategies. Our global network enables us to offer comprehensive protection and strategic counsel, ensuring that clients' brands are safeguarded across various markets and jurisdictions.

  • Comprehensive Management of Trade mark and Design Portfolios
  • Proactive Risk Management and Enforcement
  • Global Protection and Strategic Counsel

IP Dispute Resolution

At Ionic Legal, our IP dispute resolution service offers comprehensive expertise in handling infringement cases across various intellectual property rights, including trade marks, designs, patents, and copyrights. With a strong focus on efficient dispute resolution, we navigate both domestic and international processes while remaining dedicated to exploring alternative dispute resolution methods when suitable.

  • Comprehensive IP Dispute Resolution Expertise
  • Flexible Approach to Dispute Resolution
  • Collaboration and Support Across Jurisdictions

IP Agreements

Ionic Legal's IP agreements service provides tailored support in drafting and negotiating a diverse array of contracts, from non-disclosure agreements to licensing and franchising arrangements, ensuring clients' interests are protected when exploiting intellectual property rights. With expertise in navigating complex legal frameworks, we offer comprehensive guidance to clients seeking to establish robust agreements that safeguard their intellectual assets.

  • Tailored IP Agreements to Protect Interest
  • Detailed Drafting and Negotiation Services
  • Expert Guidance in Exploiting Intellectual Property

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