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About Us

Welcome to Ionic Legal

We offer unparalleled intellectual property legal services and cut through the clutter to deliver exceptional client experiences. Founded by two friends who shared a desire to create a firm that cuts through the clutter to deliver exceptional client experiences, Ionic Legal is the embodiment of their vision. Ionic Legal is the embodiment of the founders’ vision which is to establish and maintain the strongest possible bonds between partners, employees and clients.

An Ionic Bond

The name "Ionic Legal" was chosen to symbolise the strength and unity that are at the core of our firm. Just as an ionic bond is stronger than any other type of bond, our firm is built on the solid foundation of strong relationships between our founders, our lawyers, and the long-term partnerships we aim to forge with our clients.


Hailing from the north and priding themselves on their straight-talking nature, they aimed to strip away unnecessary complexities to focus on what truly matters – providing the best possible service and advice for clients and solving their problems in a cost effective way.

Long-term Partnerships

Our team comprises highly experienced IP lawyers with a bond that extends beyond mere professionalism – it's rooted in friendship and values of integrity and loyalty. With a wealth of expertise in both UK and international IP law, we are equipped to handle the most intricate of IP issues while also assisting clients with routine matters, ensuring comprehensive support at every turn.


We don't just aim to be your legal counsel; we strive to become trusted advisors, building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our commitment to responsiveness is unwavering – emails are answered within 24 hours, and our communication is always in plain English, ensuring clarity and understanding every step of the way.

Legal Solutions on a Global Scale

Our extensive network of trusted law firms in other jurisdictions reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive legal solutions on a global scale. When you work with Ionic Legal, you can trust that your legal matters are in the hands of proficient lawyers who prioritise your needs above all else.


We dedicate our time and expertise to your case, giving you the attention and care you deserve. Your success is our success, and we're committed to going above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.


Get in touch

Reach out to our expert team for personalised advice and support on protecting your intellectual property.